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I’ve been working on stacks of new videos and content. The first of which will be GET STARTED series plus much more in the works.

Worksheet link:

howtoDIGITALPAINT: GET STARTED Part 1: “Inter-Face your Fear!”

Worksheet download link:

“Young warrior, you must prove your bravery.

You may fear the unknown, but you will learn
to face it, front-on and reign it like a mighty steed.

Your challenge begins in the Lands of Photoshop
where you must open new worlds and save them.
Navigation and customisation will also be key
in order to dwell safely within.”

You will be introduced to the Photoshop Interface and how to Customise it to your needs.

This series will effectively and fun teach Digital Painting as if played like an RPG.

howtoDIGITALPAINT: GET STARTED Part 2: “Weapons Training!”

Worksheet download link:

“Brave one, you have found your place in Photoshop.

Many trials still await you as your place is not yet
secured. Therefore, you must arm yourself and be
skilled in combat. Most importantly, The Brush!”

Choose a brush, learn to wield it wisely, then go
forth and paint!”

You will learn about The Brush Tool, Custom Brushes and end with sketching a Wild Boar.

This series will effectively and fun teach Digital Painting as if played like an RPG.


howtoDIGITALPAINT: GET STARTED Worksheet Guide and Quest Updates

Quest 1 “Inter-Face your fear!” Worksheet:

Quest 2 “Weapons Training! Worksheet:

I’ve updated the Worksheets and developed a better system to make the Worksheets
more interactive. I’m trying my best to make it feel like it’s a mini-game within Photoshop.
That way you can Grind that XP to Level Up and be Painting End-Game Raid Hardcore Style in no time!!!

I’ve added some features including practice for Blending in Photoshop, Interface Setup Tips and more.

howtoDIGITALPAINT: GET STARTED Part 3: “The Power of Light!”

Worksheet download(includes isometric patterns):

“Hopeful Apprentice, your skill with the brush
has come at a much needed time.

Darkness is falling upon these lands. The Power of
Light must be utilised to combat this plague.

Using your Brushmanship, pick your colors and
control your values, to bring life back to this
afflicted terrain!”

Quest Objectives

– Open the Color Palette
– Complete ‘COLOR_PICKER’ Tasks
– Complete ‘ADJUSTMENTS’ Tasks
– Draw an Isometric Environment Piece
– Color the Piece

howtoDIGITALPAINT: GET STARTED Part 4: “Prepared to Fight!” STAGE 1 & 2

Worksheet Download:

This is the finale for the howtoDIGITALPAINT: GET STARTED series.

STAGE 1: Here I show the preparation for the final illustration by creating some color thumbnails.
STAGE 2: Here I show the timelapsed process with voiceover for the final rendering of a Spider Creature.
The video is sped up 25x. The actual painting took me approx 4 hours.
This is the final part of part 4 as well as the final part of the GET STARTED series.

“Noble Warrior, surely you are gaining esteem
in these plains.

Thanks to your efforts the darkness is receeding.
Our scouts have informed us of the source of
this darkness. A foreboding cavern inhabited by
an Ancient Obsidian Arachnid.

You must cover the Arachnid with Paint to shroud
it’s dark aura. Go swiftly!”

Quest Objectives

– Render the Spider!

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